You're My Favourite Moment…

a sure type thing.

fancy to see you here.

I can’t believe it has been almost a year since I created that little nifty list of things to do, and left you all hanging. You’ll be pleased to know that I checked off 8/10 things from that list, and will continue to create various lists so I can keep checking them (insert proud face here). I feel as though I’m waking up from a dream. Almost like a post apocalyptic daze, but really, I think it’s just my post film school daze. In the past year I’ve managed to quit my job, work another, quit that, and then applied, got accepted, and completed a film program. What?! What?! As much as I wanted to sit at my desk and get paid to do nothing, or entertain the ideas of saving the world, at the core, I have always always wanted to go to film school. So, I did. Now, I’m done.

In 4 months I managed to learn the basic fundamentals of movie making magic. I wrote and directed a 10 minute short, shot a documentary, and learned that wonderful lip synching is key to a good music video. I’ve been out of school for nearly a month, and I have even experienced working on a real television show. So really, my dreams are coming true. Having no stable job for more than half a year, life is alarmingly exciting and refreshing.

I also hit a major milestone this past spring. I turned the big 3-0. YIKES! And by yikes, I mean, I don’t feel 30. There are fleeting moments when I do feel 30, but those are outnumbered by the times when I still love listening to pop music and dressing like a teenage dirtbag. As people around me settle down, get married, bear children, I am still in my own bubble of music festivals, puppies, and beach bumming. Could this last forever?

So here goes. Summer is starting and I have a hunch it will be a hot one.

I’m going to try and keep this little blog an updated one. Perhaps filled with stories, insights, musical delight, and discussions about the world. And as always, I’d love for you to stick around for the ride.

But for now, cheers to the weekend.


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This entry was posted on May 25, 2012 by in lifestyle, this blogging life.
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