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for emma, forever ago.

one of the many reasons why i enjoy music so much is the ability it has to allow the listener to disappear in the songs, in whatever way and for however long they want. an element of mystery, a form of escape, and varying levels of sentimentality and nostalgia which is so… intoxicating.

about 4 years ago, i fell in love with bon iver. like, crazy i want to have your babies even though i don’t want to have babies maybe type of love. his first album, for emma, forever ago, came at a time when the lyrics to skinny love felt like they were written for me. granted, all music lovers always feel that every song is written for the soundtrack to their lives, but if i really had to pick, i’m certain skinny love would be on mine. and as adults who work through life, and attempt to check in their “baggage,” when i listen to that song, i’m fine. but it holds a special sentiment of the times that the song reminds me of, and that’s one reason why i love music as much as i do. because it’s a keepsake.

on friday night i got to see bon iver for the second time ever. deer lake park was packed on one of the sunniest and warmest early summer nights we’ve had. it was perfect. ironically, whenever i listen to his music, i always always want to be in a cabin in the woods, by myself. his music allows me to escape to a place where i haven’t been, and where i want go.

he played a varied set of classics from his debut album, mixed in with currents from his self titled album, bon iver. he’s won a grammy for best new artist, and i’m excited for his mainstream success. sometimes people get uptight and anxious when their favourite “undiscovered” and “indie” artists go popular overnight and appeals to everyone. but when music is great, it should be shared.

i’ll leave you with some youtube clips of my favourite performance of the night, and one of the best covers of i can’t make you love me. if you’re never listened to his stuff, i encourage you to try and lose yourself in his pleading voice and tortured lyrics. if you only sorta maybe love him, give it some time. things may surprise you. and if you already love love him like i do, we can be great friends already.

here’s a post to great music, feeling deeply, and everything nostalgic, from now, to forever from now. what would be on the soundtrack to your life?


One comment on “for emma, forever ago.

  1. anita
    May 27, 2012

    i love that you’re blogging again… i agree that i just needed some time to fall in love with bon iver.. i wish i coulda joined you!

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