You're My Favourite Moment…

a sure type thing.

simple song, big impact.

2004 was a long time ago. I don’t remember much from that year except that skinny jeans weren’t around yet and I was still in university, lost, confused, and probably intoxicated. One thing I do remember is a moment that is not associated with my actual real life. The moment that in retrospect, helped me realize I need to chase my dreams of movie making magic, which I am only applying now, 8 years later.

in 2004 a movie came out that changed not only my life, but most likely, a generation. garden state came and blossomed the writing career of zach braff (hello, where did you go?!) and inspired a mass appreciation for indie music, getting lost, and letting go. you have all seen garden state, right? we’re friends, so i must have forced it upon you somehow, somewhere. this cute little scene where natalie portman and zach braff are in the doctors office and she places those famous headphones on him, and the rest is history. “you got to listen to this song, it will change your life .. i swear.”

and change it did.

the garden state soundtrack made an instant impact to music lovers all over and helped the shins gain a new 1,000,000 fans overnight. yesterday i found out they are coming to town this fall and my heart sank a little (okay, a lot). their new album, port of morrow came out 2 months ago and i’ve only had the time now to sit down and thoroughly enjoy and escape. it’s fantastic. this is the first album they’ve made within the past 5 years. i love bands who do not pump out material just to keep current and make music. having only released 4 albums in the past 11 years. it’s such a treat sometimes. it’s like receiving a letter in the mail, meaning, that rarely happens in this day and age.

here, listen to this: simple song. it’s catchy, upbeat, and if you enjoy deciphering lyrics, this one is fun. ” love’s such a delicate thing that we do, with nothing to prove..”

september 25th they come to town. tickets go on sale friday 10 am. bring your neighbour, lover, bestfriend, or a complete stranger(i dare you). we can hold hands and sway to oh, inverted world (wink).



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