You're My Favourite Moment…

a sure type thing.

one day.

today’s weather is making me feel rather blah. i dislike the feeling of waking up one day before june, and wanting to wear my fall clothing. sometimes when i feel blah, i do odd things to make myself more blah. such as listening to old albums (today it was the national – boxer) and re-watching old movies. my mind drifted and i found myself sitting here at the computer reading up on random articles, but ultimately gravitated to youtube where i plugged in “one day – trailer” in the search box.

one day is a movie that came out last summer in august, but also a book i finished reading last year. the book made me cry, a lot. nothing makes me cry more than music, movies, puppies, and old people. one day made a mess out of me. the book is undeniably written for romantics, undefined friends, and anyone who’s ever had a dexter, or emma in their lives. the basis of the novel takes place over 20 years, as the friendship between emma and dexter is chronicled on july 15th of each year, beginning from the day they graduated university in 1988. the progression and at times deterioration of their relationship over the next 2 decades makes the romantic in me wish that i had a dex/emma, but also allows me to realize it’s one of my worst nightmares. emma has always been in love with dexter since their random drunken night of debauchery in 1988. dexter has always made it a point to date all the hot babes, and escape in alcohol and drugs, ignoring the real world around him. but somehow, emma, being brilliant, smart, and mildly reserved has always had a soft spot for dex. this lead me to come to the realization that on some random level of intensity, i’ve already met my real life dexter and emma. watch the trailer below.

take note of what happens between 1:25 and 1:40. emma runs into dexter after not seeing him for what seems like years, and finds out he is getting married. why does this seem like this has happened to me in real life? oh, because it has. (insert awkward silence here). that was my favourite part of the trailer, and it hit me very deeply watching the movie, and reading the book. not necessarily because it’s already happen to me, but because it seems to happen all the time, to random people, in their own lives, with their own dexters and emmas. is this who we coin the one who got away? well, i refuse to believe that despite the fact that i have a dex/em, that it means they are the ones who got away. maybe because i’m hopelessly hopeful and think that they may come around, or maybe because it’s really actually just not meant to be? with my aging heart and various pieces of baggage, the logical and “adult” part of me wants to believe that the stars just don’t align. however, the pisces and the deep feeler in me knows that everything always happens for a reason, always. i still believe in happenstance and romance (insert sigh).

so who is your dexter or your emma? maybe you haven’t met them yet, maybe you’ll never meet them, but maybe they’ve always been standing in front of you all along. such a crazy little thing we do. fall in love, take the plunge, and get so lost. and for those of you who know me, you know i love me all things… crazy, and deeply, one day.




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