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moonrise kingdom

sometimes i get butterflies before i see a movie and today was no exception. last friday my twitter feed was going really crazy, so crazy i termed it “bonkers” because i ran out of any adult like vocabulary to describe the hype generated by the release of wes anderson’s moonrise kingdom. seemingly critics and film goers alike loved the movie, which isn’t always such a common ground  these days. so today being cheap movie tuesday, i threw away my loyalty to kstew (sorry snow white) and followed where the masses pointed me to: the 94 minute journey that was moonrise kingdom.

hands down, maybe one of the most refreshing, endearing, and lovable movies of the year so far. it felt like an adventure, where the storyline was simple, yet kept a good progressive rhythm to keep the entertainment level high. not to mention, who won’t enjoy a story about 12 year olds falling in love, running away from khaki scouts, and causing havoc in everyone’s lives around them? sam is the main character who runs away from camp ivanhoe, to meet the girl of his dreams in the middle of the meadow (serious planning through snail mail). suzy, the girl, runs away from her parents home with nothing but a suitcase of mystical books, her kitty, and her brother’s record player. what a dream. young love always has a lasting chance, doesn’t it?

the movie for the film nerd in me left me happy on many levels. storyline: beginning, middle, end. to the point, extremely adorable, funny, and just enough character development. music/score: get it, buy it, stream it, do whatever, just listen to it. alexandre desplat’s “the heroic weather-conditions of the universe, part 7: after the storm” can be streamed here. costume/wardrobe: the first time i saw this trailer a few months ago, i remember telling my friend that i would’ve died to have an opportunity to dress a film like this. should i add that to my bucket list?

go watch this movie! please! if you dislike it, i’ll reimburse you with microwave popcorn, or something just as awful. aside from a wonderful cast (bruce, tilda, ed, bill), irresistibly cute new faces (i want to put jared gilman in my pocket), and a nostalgic, retro postcard like feel to the summer of 1965 off the coast of new england, you won’t leave the theatre disappointed, i promise. a magical movie about kids, made for adults.



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